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The Professional Designer's Guide to Garden Furnishings

"An invaluable book for any designer and for any homeowner who's interested in buying quality outdoor materials that will stand the test of time." - Jane Berger, Garden Design Online

"Chapters geared toward the professional elevate this comprehensive guidebook to a higher level even as Nagel's approach makes it an accessible reference for the novice garden decorator." - Booklist Online


by Vanessa Gardner Nagel, APLD, NCIDQ

Gardens don't need just plants, paths, and walls; they need chairs, benches, cushions, arbors, containers, and artwork, too. But finding and choosing these accessories can be a challenge. The Professional Designer's Guide to Garden Furnishings helps you meet the challenge by providing both visual inspiration and practical information about how to choose and where to find just about every kind of accessory a garden might need.

This comprehensive guide includes information on how furnishings are linked to architecture; offers tips and techniques for choosing furnishings based on comfort, scale, and proportion; and provides a survey of sixteen popular styles, including Craftsman, Midcentury Modern, and Contemporary. Vanessa Gardner Nagel, herself a professional garden designer as well as a nationally certified interior designer, also discusses the properties of a wide variety of material choices, including wood, stone, ceramics, concrete, metal, and fabrics. An extensive list of sources rounds out this truly indispensable guide. -Timber Press

"Vanessa Gardner Nagel has written this colorful and quite thorough guide to the materials and the supply chain in specifying outdoor furniture, fabrics, containers, and other fixtures. Her good sense advice can save you any number of calls from irritated clients."
- Landscape Architecture Magazine

"This book is an aid and inspiration for design professionals and students of the field. Considerations for outdoor furnishing purchases are clearly broken down. The list of resources Nagel provides is valuable, no matter the skill level of the reader."
- Library Journal

Vanessa Gardner Nagel has been designing spaces for over thirty years, and learning about furnishing those spaces while she considered details such as how people would live in them, the vagaries of each environment (particularly weather), and most importantly, how each space must improve the lives of their occupants.

To become livable spaces, gardens need to provide seating, lounging, and tables at minimum, storage spaces for garden accoutrement, and invitations to other fauna in the form of birdbaths, bat houses, and frog shelters, to name but a few. Certainly garden art and craft must also be there to inspire and delight visitors. Recognizing that it is also crucial to create design consistency (even if it is eclectic), Nagel discusses style, its history and its ability to embody how people live, the materials with which furnishings are made, and the basics of how designers navigate “The Trade” on behalf of their clients. In addition, at the back of the book is a resource directory with internet addresses of many garden furnishings vendors-worth its weight in gold, as it will save untold hours of research time.

With this book, Nagel inspires landscape designers to venture beyond the plants and hardscape. The Professional Designer's Guide to Garden Furnishings will help landscape designers embrace the entire garden environment. The result: more people will more fully experience outdoor living while they reap the benefits of their relationship with Nature.

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