Gardens as Solace and Refuge

Stroll garden
Our stroll garden is an inspiring place for a walking meditation.

Most gardeners have an emotional attachment to their gardens. I certainly do. And who of us has not used their garden, during a difficult time, as a place to think-or maybe not think and make all thoughts disappear into weeding, raking or planting?

Rake at the ready
Rake at the ready as more plants get their annual spring chop.

The virus, COVID-19, has coincided with some dire circumstances in my immediate family, but even if it were just the virus, it’s enough for me to focus more time at home and in my garden. I’m lucky I have a garden in which to immerse myself now and a pet who enjoys meandering through it with me. Many of you reading this do, too. 

Oscar, our puppy cat
Oscar, our faithful puppy cat, loves to walk through our garden with me.

Some hospitals have ‘healing gardens’. I have never figured out why they are uniquely healing, as I believe that just about any garden can have that effect. But, on the rare occasion I’m in a hospital, I will visit them to become soothed.

The Chelsea Physic Garden
While the Chelsea Physic Garden, in London, England, is not within the confines of a hospital, it is a treasure to meander through and learn more about healing plants.

People without a garden may want to visit natural spaces, maintaining precautions as needed during this period of ‘social distancing’.

Egret and blue Heron at our local pond
The egret and the heron have not heard of ‘social distancing’ as they are clearly not practicing it. But what a delight to visitors to see them together!

However you connect with Nature, it is there for us during difficult times to make us whole, however that may be defined for each individual.

Pond Turtles
Turtles on a platform getting a good dose of sun while they can in late winter.

If you don’t have a garden, now is a good time to create one. Then you can apply the recent advice of my friend, Naomi Brooks: “Weed when you need to think, no pruning when you’re angry, and edge to recapture a sense of control.” Something tells me I have a lot of edging in my near future.

Neighbor's borrowed view
A borrowed view to our neighbor’s flowering tree is a welcome sight during a pause in edging a border..