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Today is a Pacific NW stormy kind of day. Lots of wind and rain! When it’s pouring outside, it is an excellent time to see where the water is going (or staying) and plan how to change it, should you need to. Since developers put in new houses on the property behind us, we have noticed considerable more water on our property. Why? The property used to be nature’s sponge, in the form of a forest. Now it’s non-absorptive rooftop and blacktop.

Our ugly rock retaining wall (which I always hated) is beginning to show signs of stress. The previous owners UglyRetainingWallinstalled the wall without a foundation (that we can tell anyway). There is no batter to the wall and no weep holes. The wall stretches about 26 feet and tapers from 48″ high to 24″ high. There are cracks in the mortar joints because there is so much water pressure behind the wall now, that the water needs a place to go. A resident mole has tunneled his way along the base of the wall to the point that we now have mud flowing under the wall. Yesterday I noticed that one part of the wall has moved forward about 3/8″. Not a good sign. We are hoping that we can forestall the replacement of the wall until next spring. At least that way I’ll have time to redesign the wall, get bids, and arrange for a time to install it when contractors aren’t too busy. Generally, you get lower bids that way, too.