Garden lights up my life

Recently, I asked one of our local lighting experts to install some ‘temporary’ lighting into my garden for an annual APLD Oregon member dinner in the garden. It was intended to be part ambiance and part learning experience for members. It’s been so lovely (Thank you Tom Glazener with Ewing Irrigation) that I’ve worked it out so I can keep the lighting, with minor modifications for budget purposes.

A red filter helps emphasize coral bark maple.
A red filter helps emphasize coral bark maple.

One of the more interesting effects was to add a red filter onto the lamp that lights my mature coral bark Japanese maple. Older bark of this tree loses its beautiful coral color. It’s the new twigs that still have color. Yet, there is just a hint left to the extent that when it is lit using the red filter, it virtually glows at night. Garden lighting has lit up my life – at night. It makes my garden feel like fairies are dancing out there under the stars. Now I enjoy hunting for my wayward cats hiding in the bushes at sunset.


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