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BancroftGarden1Last Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA. Beyond the amazing plants I could see and photograph were considerable, as yet, winter-covered plants. Many plants still had their protective, plastic-covered frames over them, providing me with good ideas for how to do the same in my own garden. The 2 x 2 frames had heavy plastic, typically used to cover a hoop house, stapled all around the frame, but about 2 inches from the ground to allow air circulation.

Beautiful Yuccas, Agaves taller than me, blooming Aloes and many other succulents caught my eye everywhere I looked. Even on a cloudy, cold afternoon, I could feel sunshine emanating from these plants. Even the gorgeous bark of Eucalyptus felt sunny. I can hardly wait to go back and see this garden in the summer! Enjoy the virtual visit through these photos.

BancroftGarden2 BancroftGarden3

BancroftGarden4 BancroftGarden5

Above right is a photo of one of the plastic covered frames. Note the space near ground level.