Ta-da! The Planted Fern Bench

The Planted Fern Bench
The Planted Fern Bench

The fern bench is fully planted and enjoying some fall rain to get it off to a good start. There will be some plant changes around the bench, as well, as the ‘Autumn Dig’ begins in earnest. Planted in the bench are the following plants: Blechnum penna-marina, Cyclamen coum, Dryopteris affinis ‘Crispa Gracilis’, Mukdenia rossii – variegated form, Asplenium trichomapes, Hosta ‘Eco Salad Bowl’, Epimedium leptorrhizum, Selaginella kraussiana ‘Gold Tips’, Hosta ‘Chickadee’, and Adiantum pedatum.

Many of the plants will spill over the sides of the bench in time. My intention is that they will cover the edges of the soil-filled box. Next spring I’ll take photos of it when it leafs out once again. I may have to put a temporary cover over it that will shed snow if we get as much as we did last year. I do have concerns about how much weight the bench can hold, which is why we are no longer sitting on it in the first place.


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