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This is a garden created in the heart of busy New York City resting about 20 feet above ground. It winds its way through many streets and blocks, north to south, close to the Hudson River. It is a garden intended for strolling and seeing Nature in all of its beauty – even in its fall decay. It is a garden for people, too. There are many places for sitting and gathering so you can watch the plants OR the people. I visited the garden in October 2015, so while there were still leaves on the trees and a few perennials in bloom, the blooming grasses were the major stars accompanied by the seed heads of spent perennials. We began our stroll at the south end late in the afternoon and ended at the north end after dark, so I was able to see how the garden was lit at night. It is a spectacular garden and one that is obviously well-loved by the people of NYC.

areas for child play
Several areas were especially for children, who took full advantage of the opportunity.
Grouped seating with overhead shade allows for multiple gatherings.
hardscape theme
Intriguing LED stick lighting among grasses and perennials ornament this special style of hardscape.
typical seating
At dusk, lights come on beneath the typical seating found abundantly along the way. Here grasses and buildings create the backdrop.
high back seating
Along the way, seating shifts in a few places to have higher backs.
'Do Not Sit on the Grass' signs kept people from lounging on the lawn long enough for it to grow back.
bridge railing
Through the cable guard rails at the bridge, we saw beautifully lit grasses.
graffitti art
One of many sculptural displays of 3D graffiti art.
forest begins
To break up the length of massed grasses and perennials, a small forest begins.
into the forest
Following the old rails, there is now a forest on all sides.
stage 3 transition
Transitioning to the new stage 3 of the High Line is this curved area of seating.
former railroad ties
Old railroad ties are just lit as dusk settles over the third phase of the High Line.
asters, amsonia, and grasses
Lasting late into the fall are these purple asters with amsonia intermingled and red Panicum in the background.
calamagrostis and coreopsis
The feathery plumes of Korean feather reed grass mixed with the everblooming yellow Coreopsis 'Moonlight'.
grasses and steel
Soft plumes of Korean feather reed grass plays beautifully off of the sleek steel siding on the background building.
masses of grasses
A large block of Calamagrostis brachytricha breaks up the mix of perennials on either side and creates a simple pause for the eyes.
seed heads
Little pom poms of Echinacea seed heads dance against the backdrop of buildings.
Seeds and Leaves
Even though there are many seed heads, there are still considerable leaves for contrast before a killing frost.