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Pacific NW Native: Lilium columbianum

"I received rave reviews on your seminar, Vanessa - I hope to have you return!"
Janet Endsley, Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Seattle, WA

Check landscape designer, Vanessa Gardner Nagel's schedule, then contact her for your event.


LOGO_NWFGS_Vancouver WAGREAT NEWS!! Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Seattle, WA
Vanessa will be one of 3 design judges for the show gardens in 2017!

February 22, 2017, 1:00 P.M., DINING OUT: Gardens to Dine For; Who doesn’t love s’mores by the fireside, a sip of wine by the pool, or a full-blown barbecue and picnic? Learn more about creating a garden especially for outdoor dining and cooking, and a relationship of convenience to a close relative, the edible garden
February 23, 2017, 10:30 A.M.GARDEN EVOLUTION: A Designer's 25-Year Landscape Challenge. Breathing new life into an existing landscape is a challenge and an opportunity. It isn’t unusual to encounter a previous owner’s lack of care & planning, difficult neighbors, sob-worthy views, and even environmental issues. Learn how a designer took advantage of diverse obstacles and continues to create a remarkable, organic, and bee-friendly garden.

June 10, 2017, Memphis, TN, Time and title to be determined. Speaking for the Mid-South Hydrangea Society on garden design.


American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting, Boston, MA
APLD International Webinar,
Harrisburg, PA
La Jolla Garden Club,
La Jolla, CA
APLD International Conference, Dallas, TX
Metropolitan Garden Club, Portland, OR.
The Inland Empire Gardeners, Spokane, WA.
Lane County Spring Home & Garden Show, Eugene, OR
Clackamas County Master Gardeners
, Clackamas, OR.
Garden Fever, Portland, OR.
Williamette Valley Hardy Plant Group
, Eugene, OR.
Columbia Springs for Clark County WA, Ridgefield and Camas, WA.
Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, Portland, OR.
San Francisco Flower Show, San Mateo, CA.
Farmington Gardens, Beaverton, OR.
Clark County Home & Garden Idea Fair, Vancouver, WA.
Good Earth Home Garden and LIving Show, Eugene, OR.
APLD Washington Chapter Symposium, Seattle, WA.
Oregon Landscape Contractors' Expo, Portland, OR.
Oregon Tilth Organic Land Care Accreditation, Oregon City, OR
Portland Garden Club, Portland, OR
Seattle Garden Club, Seattle, WA.
Washington County Master Gardeners, Beaverton, OR.
Whatcom Horticultural Society, Bellingham, WA.
Yard, Garden, & Patio Show, Portland, OR

OTHER TOPICS (other than those listed above for next 2017)

WAR & PEACE IN THE GARDEN: Designing with Companionable Rather Than Combative Plants.                            Every time we buy a new plant we purchase a potential friend or enemy of the garden. Learn tricks of designing with plants that go beyond soil, exposure, and moisture levels to create peace instead of war among your plants. Maximize the potential of every plant as well as the overall design of your garden.
Getting lost in your garden? Vanessa will discuss how to use space efficiently, how to determine direction, how to use focal points, subtle way-finding, safety, and more to help you establish paths and garden circulation that makes sense.
DESIGNING TOP-NOTCH GARDENS: Details Make the Difference; Architect Mies van der Rohe stated that ‘God is in the details’, and yet details often get overlooked during the design of a garden. Considering how to distinguish your garden from someone else’s often means studying details. Learn how to approach the ‘art of the detail’ to personalize your garden and improve its aesthetic.
Creating Sustainable Garden Style;
Being sustainable is not often the first thing on our minds when we are creating the style of a garden, but it should be a major criterion among the many components. Learn how to view those components that add so much to a garden’s aesthetics in a way that will be more earth-friendly.
PUTTIN’ ON THE GLITZ: Glamour in Your Garden;
Beyond the plants, learn about garden furnishings to add pizzazz to your garden and spice up your outdoor lifestyle. See fabulous outdoor fabrics and stylish garden furniture.
THE IRRESISTIBLE GARDEN: Create Your Own Using Basic Design Principles; Turn your garden into an enticing siren that lures you in any season. Vanessa describes basic design principles, such as line, form, and balance, in a manner that makes designing a garden easy to understand.
PARK YOUR MOWER: Alternatives to a Turf Lawn;
Creating an alternative to lawn takes thought and research and it is an idea whose time has come. Lawn offers little in the way of diversity to support the creatures that share our planet. Learn how to approach the design to replace the outdated monoculture that is turf.
BEYOND A HEALING GARDEN: Uniting botany, natural medicine, and therapy in a naturopathic garden;
Learn about the approach Vanessa took to designing a healing garden to unite two medicinal modalities: naturopathic and Chinese medicine, for an education facility.
Create a Livable Outdoor Space with Style & Furnishings;
Gardens need more than just plants, paths and walls; they need chairs, benches, cushions, arbors, containers, and artwork, too! Learn how you can expand your livable habitat by using the right furnishings to complement your garden style. Vanessa Gardner Nagel surveys a range of styles and the furnishings that complement them so you can create your own fabulously livable outdoor space.
STRUCTURAL PLANT PLACEMENT: Locating and Strengthening Your Garden's Bones;
Every garden needs good bones, but where do you begin? Learn how to make your garden more beautiful and more dynamic through the proper selection and placement of structural plants.
INTENTIONAL SERENDIPITY: Designing Sustainable Gardens;
Designing gardens that reduce the amount of energy and resources should be a skill that all good gardeners should have. Learn an approach to designing a garden that will reduce your carbon footprint AND provide a gorgeous garden.
Changing Gardens During Challenging Times;
We have a lot of challenges right now with global climate changes, an economy that could be better, and resources that are either getting too expensive or simply unavailable. Learn more about how we can transform our gardens to meet these challenges.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come to the Garden Club to speak. I have wanted you here for a few years!"
Marsha Freed, Portland Garden Club, Portland, OR

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